You hear this all the time – “I just don’t get Twitter!” I actually left the following comment on my Twitter buddy Toby Boyce’s Facebook wall. Responding to Delaware, Ohio RealtorToby I said “I’m sure you would agree Twitter makes a Facebook comment“terrible’ first impression. I’m finding it’s a terrific platform (like FB) to listen, connect, engage and show value. Tweople who do that can make some serious “social capital” and obtain “top of mind” status with their digital SOI”.

Rachel Makes a Great Point!

From her perspective, all Rachel sees is Tweople “Tweeting” about what they are doing and news posts. Though not personally directed at Rachel, if that’s all the Tweets we see and we want “more” I would question who we are following. And that “more element” that a person is seeking is that “high value information”, and help we receive as a result of the spirit of giving that is (or at least should be) so prevalent in social communities.

Use Twitter for Fun? Sure, Go For it!

If you would prefer to only use Twitter as your social water cooler, great! Go for it. For some individuals they can have fun (like me) and use it to help grow their business at the same time.

Be Top of Mind!

If your goal is to in fact realize a financial benefit from social media, I suggest we use Twitter (and Facebook) as a tool to obtain “top of mind” status. That way when a friend or follower needs your help, they remember “you”! Not because you use Twitter/Facebook as Using social media as your megaphone!your megaphone and say “Buy a House from Me or Here is another one of my listings”! It’s all about the fact that you listened, connected, engaged and offered high value content and helped. That will position you to become top of mind. Now that’s leveraging social media to benefit you with the primary mission to help others.

Let me know if you agree or disagree.

Helping you use social media more effectively to the benefit of all!


P.S. Note to self! When on Facebook you never know who is reading your comments, so lose the “RE industry speak”.