It’s amazing that the simple things really get me excited. When I heard this I thought to myself…. duh! The beauty of this idea is that it’s so logical and creative too!

Are You Ready for It?

An agent attending RE Bar Camp SFO said she gives her buyer clientsA branded flip video camera Flip video cameras. I wish had gotten her name as I would love to give her credit for such an awesome idea! (SEE UPDATE BELOW!)

I Told You It Was a Great Idea!

WOW! There it is…I told you it was simple! Think about that act of generosity and all its many implications.

Giving a Gift That Will Create Lasting Memories

Video images taken by a buyer have the opportunity to create so many emotions!

Giving Generates Tons of Good Will!

Think about it. How would you react to receiving a FREE cool device like a Flip? Imagine how your clients will feel? What a great bond builder!

Give a Flip to Your Sellers Too!

When I heard this great idea I suggested she also give her sellers a Flip video camera too.

Extend Your Brand with Your Gift!

I also recommended that each camera you give to your buyers and sellers have a “skin” of your brand on each camera. What a strong way to extend your brand. Plus, long after the transaction has been consummated, your client will continue using your Flip and they will be reminded who gave it to them each time they use it! Now that’s staying “top of mind”.

Keep the Creative Real Estate Marketing Ideas Coming!

The creative ways buyers and sellers can use these “free” video cameras is unlimited. Think about the emotion sellers and buyers will be able to convey about their experience of finding a home and selling a property. I believe it will make for some compelling content generation.

Try these video ideas on for size for your buyers and sellers:

  • Conduct video contests among your buyers and sellers… best neighborhood video, best testimonial video, or maybe best personal home tour
  • Ask permission to host these videos on your blog/website
  • Share those videos on YouTube (with permission)
  • Share the videos on the buyers and sellers Facebook profile (with permission)
  • Tweet the links to the videos for exposure
  • Syndicate your buyers and sellers videos on Tubemogul (with permission)
  • Offer to help with editing your clients videos
  • Let the children of buyers and sellers create their own videos (with the parents permission)

More Traffic to Your blog/Website!

If you can gain permission to use these videos on your website or blog, you will see significant traffic growth from all the  friends and family eager to see these videos.

Did You Attend RE BarCamp San Francisco?

If you did, what other creative real estate marketing ideas did you learn. Don’t forget to take action on your epiphanies and do it soon!

To your success!


P.S. Special thanks to John Glynn for his Tweet advising me that the awesome idea of giving Flip video cameras to buyers was created by Shannon King, San Diego Realtor with  Schoolhouse Realty. Girl, you rock!