From my perspective, one of the real “pain points” of a real estate professional is dealing with content generation and adding that content to their writing on a real estate blogreal estate blogs and websites. I realize more and more, an agent’s time is being squeezed beyond the limits. By the same token, if real estate websites and blogs are to be “trusted resources” they must be dynamic and not static.

The Benefits to Quality Content Generation

The two-fold benefit of consistent website/blog content generation is consumers quickly realize your portals offer timely, reliable information which sets you apart as a local area expert and trusted adviser.

Cash in on Google

The second benefit is Google rewards you by moving you up the search results ladder because Googleyou have consistently contributed high quality content for the overall good of the world wide web. Of course, none of this happens if agents and brokers fail to generate SEO-rich content and uploaded it to their websites and blogs.

Here are a few suggestions to that end:

1. Go to your local college, community college or university and secure a web-savvy intern from the business department to help shoulder the load of content generation and implementation. I’m not a huge fan of ghost blogging as so much of a blog is all about your blog “voice”. Maybe they can jump start your ideas and you can spice up your post before you click “publish”.
2. Secure a virtual assistant (VA) to provide valuable assistance in content generation and uploading content to your portals. Here again, working closely with a VA, maybe together the both of you can maintain your blog so it can be more effectively maintained.
3. Conduct a creative writing contest in your local middle school or high school and offer prizes to the best articles that state why living in your area is so terrific. Giving credit to the students who contribute content will also result in additional eyeballs (mom,dad,grand father,grand mother,sister,brother,aunt…) coming to your site if the contest is managed and publicized properly.
4. Ask local vendors and partners like home inspectors, lenders, home improvement contractors, staggers, and home builders to “contribute” content for your blog. Don’t forget to give your contributors some link love for their contribution efforts.
5. Interview local civic leaders, council members, teachers, school administrators and ask them to “guest” post on your blog. These individuals are local “cheerleaders” for your area and will sing it’s praises.
6. Look in your email client sent folder and find an email(s) you repeatedly send to prospects and clients. Use the basis of that email as a post. When the question arises again (and it will) send the link to your post instead of rewriting the email over and over again.
7. If blogging just isn’t your cup of tea”, transform your traditional blog into a photo blog so you can at least take advantage of the portal. Read this photo blogging post for more information on how to photo blog.

Your Feedback?

What creative ways do you use to create high-value content? I’d love to hear your creative ideas!

To your blogging success,