With great interest, I recently read a NY Times article on “Airborne Wi-Fi May Soar Despite the Doubters“. As most of you know, Brad and I have been doing a little lot of  traveling REBC Junkiearound the country live streaming and participating in RE BarCamps. Admitted REBC junkies, we have logged quite a few frequent flyer miles spread across a number of air carriers. Because taking care of our awesome Dakno clients is job #1, it requires we stay constantly “wired” to what’s happening with our many real estate web design projects back at our offices. So you can see why this article caught my eye.

The “Connectivity” Gets Deeper!

What you may not know is the fact that I’m a retired (2002) sales and marketing rep for Delta Airlines. Obviously, all this technology and the air lines hits very close to home for me. Another interesting piece to this puzzle is that Brad’s brother-in-law is an employee with Plexus. This company is one of the major technology players who developed the infrastructure to make Wi-Fi a reality on air planes today.

My Perspective from Up There!

All that being said, here is my take on whether or not paid Wi-Fi will fly. Do I pay for Wi-Fi when I fly? Heck yeah, especially if the flight is a couple of hours in length. Remaining Delta Airplaneproductive even while jetting across the fruited plain is a priority for me. I expect others feel the same way. Then again, if the flight is an hour or less, by the time you drag out the laptop, and boot it up (Vista machines can take forever), the flight attendant is announcing we have been cleared to land.

Need a Discount Code For Go-Go Wi-Fi on DL?

If you have air travel plans that include flights on Delta Airlines, be sure to jot this discount code down for a 50% Go-Go Wi-Fi discount. 158FLF7365

Do You Purchase Wi-Fi When It’s Available on Your Flight?

I’m interested in knowing.

Safe travels,