If you read my previous post on the question “Will Paying For Wi-Fi Fly“, you already know that the Dakno Dudes are all about the RE BarCamp craze. Because we are traveling more, I’ve had been thinking about going small as in a Netbook.

I Feel Like that Guy!

If you’ve been paying attention to the TV recently, you’ve probably seen the AT&T ad for their alliance with Acer and their Netbooks. Because I was lugging around a humongous 17″ HPDakno skin laptop, I felt like that dude in the window seat of the AT&T commercial with his big honkin laptop “all up in his grill” struggling to type. ENOUGH of the MADNESS! I broke bad and purchased a little 11″ Acer Netbook and love it especially for working on the plane.

Now all I need is a Dakno skin on my Netbook to match its big brother. Hey Ursula (the amazing Dakno graphic artist), can you hook a guy up with a new Dakno custom designed laptop skin for my new Netbook?

Do you have a Netbook and if so, give me your take on your experience with it.