If you are a real estate agent, you can probably relate to this… “working on vacation“. As independent business owners, you never really get the chance to truly “get away” from your work. Even if you ask a fellow agent to “look after your business” in your absence, no one can do your job quite like you. No one has a relationship with your clients quite like you.

Real Estate Web Sites Must be Designed

The same can be said for small businesses that serve the real estate industry. Brad knows all to well. Even when we take a vacation to the Crystal Coast, real estate web design and development doesn’t stop. Clients still need to be serviced, marketing retainers go on, copy still needs to be written, and search engine optimization (SEO) on client sites makes no allowances for a vacation. Thankfully, we have a terrific team of project managers, writers, designers and developers who are fully capable of keeping the Dakno organization running smoothly while we are away. All of these important task go on and none of them take a break just because Brad and I take a vacation. You never really take a break and neither do we.

Checkout the photo of Brad and I below. @MommyDakno caught us engaged in our exclusive All Access live stream coaching while we were on vacation.

Dakno Guys on vacation in Emerald Isle

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Unplugging From the Everyday Grind

By the way, we do “unplug” as often as we reasonably can when we are on vacation as evidenced by the photos you will see at my Crystal Coast Photo Blog. The next time you take a vacation break from helping your clients buy and sell real estate, we suggest you try to unplug too!

To your success,