Is it just me or is it a bit ironic that the very people who would benefit most from a “tweeted traffic alert” are the very ones who shouldn’t be reading tweets and driving at the same time? Now add even more irony given those organizations who are disseminating those tweets. Yes, local governmental authorities are now tweeting traffic alerts! Many states outlaw texting/tweeting and driving and many of those states now tweet traffic alerts to who… drivers. Checkout the tweet below:


Even more ironic is this tweet from a police department. Aren’t these the folks who hand out tickets to those drivers who text/tweet and drive at the same time?


Don’t Tweet and Drive!

Please don’t take this post as my endorsement that you should even think about tweeting, texting or even reading your emails, texts or tweets while driving (yes, I’ve been guilty in the past of reading emails and driving but no more). A tweet, an email or a text message isn’t worth my life, your life or anyone else who is on the highway. I do find it a bit strange that those who would benefit most from traffic alerts would be those on the road (and of course those who are about to venture out on America’s byways and highways).

Let’s Be Honest

Ever been guilty of DUIT (driving under the influence of Twitter)? Leave  a comment and let me know.

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