Everyone is totally enamored with Posterous and I can certainly see why. This platform rocks! So if Posterous is FREE (for now), why not create a Posterous blog for your clients!!!

Adventures of a Raleigh Home Buyer!!

Because these sites are so dang easy to use and they are FREE, why not create a Posterous blog for your home buyer (with their permission of course). That way they can share photos with their friends and family of homes that are under their consideration. As you know, if it can “post it”, you can send a wide variety of file formats to Posterous.

Here are all the possibilities:

  • They can email photos to the site
  • They could email text-based comments about homes to their Posterous blog
  • Home buyers could send PDF’s
  • Your client can send audio files to Posterous
  • A Powerpoint presentation can be sent to your Posterous by your client
  • They can even email videos they took with their Flip (you gave them with your branding skin on it) of their home buying adventure. Then you can set privacy settings within their Posterous blog so just their friends, family and you are the only ones who can view the content.

Don’t Stop with just Your Home Buyers…. Go Crazy!!

If you have listings, set up a Posterous blog for a home seller. Ask them if they would like to document their home selling adventure. The possibilities of creative ways to use this platform are incredible and seemingly endless.

Time for Your Feedback!!

What creative ways have you used Posterous in your online real estate marketing plan? I’d love to hear your ideas!!!

Bobby Carroll

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UPDATE: @JohnLauber makes an excellent point when says “what if the transaction sours and the client has this Posterous blog?” To that I say, know the risk/rewards of this idea. It’s not for every client. Then again, our lives are “out there” and if a consumer has a gripe, they can certainly go to the same mediums we use to air their “dirty laundery”. All the more reason to monitor your reputation online and off.