Back in the day (1985) when I was selling real estate in Raleigh (before Mr. Gore had invented the interwebs), my real estate marketing tools included:

1.       A reverse phone directory for cold calling

2.       Canvassing my farm neighborhood door to door

3.       Print mail to my farm neighborhood

4.       Working the chamber scene to increase my SOI

5.       Soliciting FSBO’s and expired listings by phone and snail mail

6.       And using my wicked cool 2-way radio for last minute showings (Pre brick cell phone days mind you!)

7.       Weekly MLS Books (my trunk was filled with these!)

8.       Desk duty

While the mission remains the same, some of the real estate marketing tools have obviously changed:

1.       Facebook is your “reverse phonebook” for “warm leads”

2.       Go digital door to door with email marketing, e-newsletters, Twitter and foursquare

3.       Print is making a slight comeback with QR codes for property flyers, print mailers and sign riders

4.       In addition to working the face 2 face scene at the Chamber, agents today also organize Tweet-ups and meet-ups. (Belly to belly marketing is still valid!)

5.       Engage FSBO’s and expired listings by offering “FREE” marketing advice on your website/blog. Be a friend and a resource to the FSBO. Be there when the FSBO grows wiry of the task of managing the marketing process

6.       Every agent’s tech tool belt a laptop (with a web cam) skinned of course with your über cool brand, and a smartphone (it’s your video camera, a digital camera, a digital voice recorded and your MiFi hotspot)

7.       “Real-time” RETS-based MLS data feed to your IDX partner and then to your website/blog

8.       Desk duty was for a set amount of hours in a day. Your 24 hour a day storefront and “online biz hub” is your real estate website and your blog

My how times have changed!

What tools did you use back in the day that I failed to list?