I was Tweeting this morning with some of my favorite New England buddies (plus Cyndee Haddon from FL) and asked everyone in the conversation if they had a Yelp Business Profile. My morning coffee buddies include:

@TwangyTexan @MariaHagan @acummings @cyndeehaydon @REALTOR_Vickie @monikamcg and @sandracummings. By the way, these peeps are super smart and you should follow all of them on Twitter!

After receiving several DM’d email addresses, it dawned on me. I should whip out a quick Posterous Blog post for “everyone” who would benefit from these easy tips to setting up a Yelp Business Profile.

As you probably already know, 2011 is the year of ratings and reviews for real estate professionals. Start now and claim your profile here: https://realtors.incredibleagents.com/create-profile

Next, go to Yelp and create your business account here:

1. Go to https://biz.yelp.com/

You can sign up for two different accounts with Yelp – A personal account to review other people’s businesses or – a business account to have others review your business.

https://biz.yelp.com/ is the website for your business account.

2. Click on the create your free account now image located in the middle of the page.

3. Type in your business name as well as location and click search.

4. If you do find your business listed after you click search and it has next to it. Click it. If your business is not in the list, go to the very bottom of the page and click on “Add your business to Yelp”

5. You will then need to type in business, personal, and account information.

6. After your information has been typed in Yelp will want to verify that you are indeed a part of the business you are signing up with. They will do this through a phone call and provide you with a code to be typed in on the site. It takes 15 seconds!


7. Once you are verified you will have complete access to editing your business page with pictures, special services/events/webinars/open houses, working hours, etc.

Now you are all set up to receive reviews (good and bad) and are listed with one of the most powerful websites on the internet. Go create some 5-star review-worthy business reviews in your area and get Yelped about!

Now here is the BONUS IDEA!

Write a genuine review for a local business. My mom always said if you can’t say something nice, keep your mouth shut. Following my mom’s advice, write a genuine, heartfelt, positive review for a local business.

Here’s the golden nugget…

1.       Print the review (with your profile info/image on it for all to see)

2.       Frame the review

3.       Deliver the review to the business owner

4.       Then watch as they place your framed review for all to see right by the place where there will be the most traffic… at the cash register!

5.       Then go write a business spotlight post (you do have a local business spotlight category…. right?) saying why you love that business and why you are stark raving fan of theirs! Then “Like” their business page. And don’t forget to go back and show them the post you wrote about their business! You’ll have friends for life and at least a few more readers of your blog.

This stuff is so much fun and being a local cheerleader and area expert will do wonders for you and for your business partners. No doubt it will help you grow your social capital too!

Good luck and be sure to leave a comment how this strategy works for you.

To your success,


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