The “About” page is typically used to showcase your resume and to maybe list all of one’s accomplishments. This is especially true in the field of real estate. Frankly, I find that’s pretty dry stuff and not really helpful for you to get to know me, Bobby Carroll. So I decided to use my “About Me” page differently. Instead of offering a list of my work experiences (go to my Bobby Carroll LinkedIn profile for that kind of info) or provide some exaggerated story about why you should connect with me (and maybe Dakno Real Estate Marketing), I prefer to use this blog to shed some light on the real me. Then if we have something in common or if you see value (and benefit) in us having a relationship, terrific! If not, no worries.

Who is Bobby Carroll?

If you’re thinking I’m defined totally by my occupation as a real estate web coach, a real estate marketing blogger, as a participant and observer of social media, you’re wrong. All of that has a big impact on my life but my work doesn’t define me as a person. What defines Bobby Carroll? In case you did not know, I’m a husband, a father, a grandfather, a son, a brother, an uncle and a friend. Below are many of the strands that make up my DNA:

  1. My faith.
  2. My values.
  3. My beliefs.
  4. My love for my wife and her love and devotion.
  5. My love for my family and their love, grace and acceptance.
  6. My love for my country and my gratefulness to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms I enjoy.
  7. My thirst for knowledge so I can grow as a person.
  8. My love and appreciation for life itself.

These core components of my life pretty much define me as a person. On the lighter side, you can usually find me enjoying photography (which means taking photos of my grandchildren), travel (especially down to the Crystal Coast of North Carolina and to Texas to visit family), snorkeling with my wife (and best friend), and observing many types of sports (mostly following the Carolina Hurricanes, NCSU Wolfpack, Carolina Mudcats AA Baseball).

Contact Bobby Carroll

The easiest way to contact me? I’d have to say it’s by Twitter direct message @rewebcoach. Contact me, Bobby Carroll today and let’s connect and engage so we all benefit!