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I figured I’d toss this out there for you to see. In a forthcoming post, I’ll go into more detail what it all means. Care to offer your take what this means?

Here’s a hint, the blue arrows can be “automated” to serve up your post while the red arrows require some work on your behalf writing “teaser” post.

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Tweeted Traffic Alerts You Shouldn’t Be Reading When Driving!!

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Is it just me or is it a bit ironic that the very people who would benefit most from a “tweeted traffic alert” are the very ones who shouldn’t be reading tweets and driving at the same time? Now add even more irony given those organizations who are disseminating those tweets. Yes, local governmental authorities are now tweeting traffic alerts! Many states outlaw texting/tweeting and driving and many of those states now tweet traffic alerts to who… drivers. Checkout the tweet below:

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Overcoming the “Pain” of Content Generation!

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From my perspective, one of the real “pain points” of a real estate professional is dealing with content generation and adding that content to their writing on a real estate blogreal estate blogs and websites. I realize more and more, an agent’s time is being squeezed beyond the limits. By the same token, if real estate websites and blogs are to be “trusted resources” they must be dynamic and not static.

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REBarCamp OHIO – Real Estate Photo Blogging Made Easy

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I admit it! I’m a real estate barcamp junkie. It’s all Brad’s fault anyway. If he hadn’t decided (on a whim) to live stream the New York City RE BarCamp last January, my love affair with this phenomenon would have never started. But what’s done is done. You probably know the rest of the story. Right?

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Want to Make RE BarCamps Better? Consider This….

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During our travels across our fruited plain (always wanted to say that :), Brad and I have become quite familiar how RE BarCamps are run and what takes place at each event. It doesn’t make Brad or I RE BarCamps experts but more like informed observers. Stand behind a camera for 8 hours at multiple events and it will illuminate your mind.

Helping RE BarCamps Benefit All

While each RE BarCamp is unique, there are some shared commonalities about them all. Those common values include ardent sharers and seekers of information, awesome networking opportunities coupled with pre and post RE BarCamp fun social opportunities. Here’s the thing, based on feedback voiced by attendees and read in our streaming chat room during our streams, there is a growing disappointment over the failure to deliver the kind of environment and experience some attendees were hoping for. It’s not a major problem now but, it seems to be a growing trend. I’ll identify a few of those voiced challenges momentarily.

Why Write this Post You Ask?

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