20 Must Read Marketing Tips From Top Real Estate and Social Media Professionals

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You can thank Bill Gassett for compiling what he describes as the Top Marketing Tips for Real Estate Pros! I ask you. Where can you access the top 20 21 tips for marketing your real estate listings?

The short answer is right HERE!

In this in-depth post compiled by Bill you will learn from top marketers from a broad spectrum of Internet marketing including SEOs, IMers (Internet Marketers), Content Generating Specialist, Social Media Subject Matter Experts, SEMs and Web-savvy Agents:

1. How to Get Your Listings Found on Google – by Rich Cederburg
2. Why You Should Get On Pinterest – by Rebekah Radice
3. Why You Must Hire a Professional Photographer – by Debe Maxwell
4. How to Avoid Paying Premium Dollars to Feature Your Listings on Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com! – by Yours Truly, Bobby Carroll
5. Why You Should Use Google Plus and Engage – by Mark Traphagen
6. Why Use Scoop.it – by Neil Ferree
7. Why Post Your Listings on YouTube – by Katerina Gasset
8. Why You Must Use These Blogging Tips – by Martin W. Smith
9. Why Use Social Media Networks – by Lori Thomas Dickert
10. Be Smart and Use The Web Wisely – by David Amerland
11. What Makes An Exceptional Realtor – by Elias Nathaniel
12. Don’t Over Use Blog Content – by Michael George
13, Stage Well & Market Wisely – by Tammy Emenith
14. Leave A Little Money On The Table – by Carra Riley
15. Use Slideshare & Haiku Deck – by Connor MacIvor
16. Present Well Online – by Lynn Pineda
17. Create A Lead Generating Website – by Joshua Berg
18. Use Google Places – by Eric Enge
19. Use Real Estate Social Media & The Web 2.0 – by Stephanie L Davis
20. Use Real Estate Video – by Dave Keyes
Bonus Tip: 21. Inspire a Bidding War – by Walid Muhammad

That’s your 2014 Listing Marketing Plan!

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Why Google Has a Love Affair with The Triangle!

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Google Reviews are Now on Your Google+ Profile!

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Google is Quickly Adding and Enhancing Google+

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Do You Think Google Reviews are a Pretty Big Deal?

In my humble opinion, absolutely! Now more than ever, it’s important to give and receive credible, genuine Google reviews.

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