Albuquerque real estate pro, Rich Cederberg was very kind to invite me to be part of his Just Hanging Out Talking Real Estate Google+¬†Hangouts On Air on Tuesday, May 20, 2014. Before appearing on his Hangout, Rich asked what topic we should discuss? I offered a few ideas and we agreed on the topic of “What makes a solid real estate website?“.
In addition to Rich acting as an awesome Hangout host, “regulars” who appear in these Hangouts include:

All of the above participants bring sharp marketing minds, offer tremendous insight and value to these Hangouts. I recommend you follow each on Google+ and be part of future Hangouts.

We Know What We Want on Our Real Estate Websites But What About Those Who Visit?

While many real estate professionals know what should be included on their websites, it’s important to think ¬†about the desires and motivations of those visiting your real estate website. During this session we discussed what it is that consumers who are looking to buy or sell houses want to see when they land on your website.

Give Them What They Want!

As the subject matter expert, are you giving them what they want? Based on years of designing sites, mountains of data and site testing, here are the desired tools and pieces of information buyers and sellers want when they arrive at your website:
  • caveman simple property quick search tool front and center above the fold
  • easy access to your hyper-local neighborhood/area info along with the ability to view properties in each
  • answer the burning question – “how’s the market?” Provide recent market stats and updates. Include sold data if provided/allowed by your MLS board
  • connect with seller who desire to know the value of their home
  • because every agent/market is different, offer access to view homes by longtail search queries like golf course homes, homes with pools, gated community homes, 55+ community homes and other speciality searches.
  • consumers want social proof why they should hire you

Sticky Sites?

We all know it’s important visiting consumers “stick around” and better yet reach out to you for help. With those goals in mind, you are invited to sit back, relax and watch this Hangout. If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment, feel free to do so below.