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Dakno CEO Brad Carroll leads a real estate marketing seminar in Raleigh.

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My Fav RE BarCamp San Francisco Creative Marketing Idea!

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It’s amazing that the simple things really get me excited. When I heard this I thought to myself…. duh! The beauty of this idea is that it’s so logical and creative too!

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I Don’t Get Twitter!

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You hear this all the time – “I just don’t get Twitter!” I actually left the following comment on my Twitter buddy Toby Boyce’s Facebook wall. Responding to Delaware, Ohio RealtorToby I said “I’m sure you would agree Twitter makes a Facebook comment“terrible’ first impression. I’m finding it’s a terrific platform (like FB) to listen, connect, engage and show value. Tweople who do that can make some serious “social capital” and obtain “top of mind” status with their digital SOI”.

Rachel Makes a Great Point!

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