20 Must Read Marketing Tips From Top Real Estate and Social Media Professionals

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You can thank Bill Gassett for compiling what he describes as the Top Marketing Tips for Real Estate Pros! I ask you. Where can you access the top 20 21 tips for marketing your real estate listings?

The short answer is right HERE!

In this in-depth post compiled by Bill you will learn from top marketers from a broad spectrum of Internet marketing including SEOs, IMers (Internet Marketers), Content Generating Specialist, Social Media Subject Matter Experts, SEMs and Web-savvy Agents:

1. How to Get Your Listings Found on Google – by Rich Cederburg
2. Why You Should Get On Pinterest – by Rebekah Radice
3. Why You Must Hire a Professional Photographer – by Debe Maxwell
4. How to Avoid Paying Premium Dollars to Feature Your Listings on Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com! – by Yours Truly, Bobby Carroll
5. Why You Should Use Google Plus and Engage – by Mark Traphagen
6. Why Use Scoop.it – by Neil Ferree
7. Why Post Your Listings on YouTube – by Katerina Gasset
8. Why You Must Use These Blogging Tips – by Martin W. Smith
9. Why Use Social Media Networks – by Lori Thomas Dickert
10. Be Smart and Use The Web Wisely – by David Amerland
11. What Makes An Exceptional Realtor – by Elias Nathaniel
12. Don’t Over Use Blog Content – by Michael George
13, Stage Well & Market Wisely – by Tammy Emenith
14. Leave A Little Money On The Table – by Carra Riley
15. Use Slideshare & Haiku Deck – by Connor MacIvor
16. Present Well Online – by Lynn Pineda
17. Create A Lead Generating Website – by Joshua Berg
18. Use Google Places – by Eric Enge
19. Use Real Estate Social Media & The Web 2.0 – by Stephanie L Davis
20. Use Real Estate Video – by Dave Keyes
Bonus Tip: 21. Inspire a Bidding War – by Walid Muhammad

That’s your 2014 Listing Marketing Plan!

Add Your Comment to the Conversation

What proven real estate marketing tip would you add to this list?

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Tweets From the Real Estate Tech Edge Meeting in Boca Raton, FL

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Welcome #TechEdge Stalkers! Tune in here for the latest tweets from today’s (8/7/2013) Boca Raton, FL Tech Edge Meeting event sponsored by the National Association of Realtors®.

Today’s Presenters at the Baco Raton, FL #TechEdge event are scheduled to be:

  • Jeremy Blanton – @jeremyblanton
  • Brett Boettge – @boettgeb
  • Craig Grant – @RETechGuru
  • Ines Hegedus-Garcia – @ines
  • Tim Kinzler – @timkinzler
  • Debbie Kirkland – @debbie_kirkland / @FloridaSunSales (Dakno Real Estate Marketing Client)
  • Carlos Melendez – @RealEstatePro
  • Joe Sullivan – @CRTweet
  • Melanie Wyne – @nartech

If you are attending the #TechEdge event, what are (were) your “ah-ha” moments? We would love to hear your comments!

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Google Reviews are Now on Your Google+ Profile!

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Google is Quickly Adding and Enhancing Google+

It seems everyday another change or enhancement occurs on Google+. Now all of the Google Reviews you have ever written are being aggregated on your Google+ profile. Check it out on my Google+ profile!

Dakno Marketing Real Estate Marketing Vice President Bobby Carroll

Do You Think Google Reviews are a Pretty Big Deal?

In my humble opinion, absolutely! Now more than ever, it’s important to give and receive credible, genuine Google reviews.

Add Bobby Carroll with Dakno Real Estate Marketing and Web Design to Your Google+ Circles!

If you are on Google+, please add me to your Google+ Circles!

Helping you get the most out of your Google+ profile – Bobby

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I’m a Work in the Triangle Smarty Pants

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As an ambassador for the Work in the Triangle organization, it was awesome to meet Jennifer Bosser at the recent #Packapolooza 125th anniversary celebration on Hillsboro Street in Raleigh Saturday, August 18.

Jennifier is an Assistant Executive Director with the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce and helps manage the Work in the Triangle website and their social media campaign. She was kind enough to give me a “smarty pants” t-shirt! Thanks Jennifer!



Ready to Promote the Triangle?

If so, then you too can be a “smarty pants ambassador” by completing this form at the Work in the Triangle site.

As a life long resident of the Triangle, I believe it has so much to offer and I’m happy to partner with Jennifer and Work in the Triangle to promote our wonderful way of life!

Live long and prosper,


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10 Peeps Real Estate Agents Should Follow on Twitter!

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I was actually asked a question in the form of a Tweet by Vancouver, WA Mortgage Broker Ed Bisquera. (see image to the right)Ed's Tweet

Rather than offer your usual list of RE.net suspects, my advice on who Twitter newbies should follow is more geared to what “groups” of people newbies should consider following. It’s about having a conversation with your audience. First know who your audience is.

This Isn’t Another “Follow These People” Type of List

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I Don’t Get Twitter!

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You hear this all the time – “I just don’t get Twitter!” I actually left the following comment on my Twitter buddy Toby Boyce’s Facebook wall. Responding to Delaware, Ohio RealtorToby I said “I’m sure you would agree Twitter makes a Facebook comment“terrible’ first impression. I’m finding it’s a terrific platform (like FB) to listen, connect, engage and show value. Tweople who do that can make some serious “social capital” and obtain “top of mind” status with their digital SOI”.

Rachel Makes a Great Point!

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Want to Make RE BarCamps Better? Consider This….

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During our travels across our fruited plain (always wanted to say that :), Brad and I have become quite familiar how RE BarCamps are run and what takes place at each event. It doesn’t make Brad or I RE BarCamps experts but more like informed observers. Stand behind a camera for 8 hours at multiple events and it will illuminate your mind.

Helping RE BarCamps Benefit All

While each RE BarCamp is unique, there are some shared commonalities about them all. Those common values include ardent sharers and seekers of information, awesome networking opportunities coupled with pre and post RE BarCamp fun social opportunities. Here’s the thing, based on feedback voiced by attendees and read in our streaming chat room during our streams, there is a growing disappointment over the failure to deliver the kind of environment and experience some attendees were hoping for. It’s not a major problem now but, it seems to be a growing trend. I’ll identify a few of those voiced challenges momentarily.

Why Write this Post You Ask?

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Lessons Learned from My Railroad Days – Stop, Look and Listen!

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Believe it or not, way back when (almost 25 years ago) I was employed as a Seaboard Coastline Railroad Yardmaster. Yes, this young pup was supervising old railroaders twice my age and telling them what to do at the Raleigh Yard. It made for an interesting life until I was laid off due to a major railroad industry cutback. That’s when I decided to jump into real estate. So I secured my NC real estate license and went to work for Merrill Lynch Realty. It’s funny how things workout in life. Having come full circle, I’m right back in the real estate industry today and yes, I still have a license. Old lessons learned during my railroading days still help me today. That’s why it’s even more important today to “stop, look and listen” especially when it comes to social media.

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