Tweets From the Real Estate Tech Edge Meeting in Boca Raton, FL

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Welcome #TechEdge Stalkers! Tune in here for the latest tweets from today’s (8/7/2013) Boca Raton, FL Tech Edge Meeting event sponsored by the National Association of┬áRealtors┬«.

Today’s Presenters at the Baco Raton, FL #TechEdge event are scheduled to be:

  • Jeremy Blanton – @jeremyblanton
  • Brett Boettge – @boettgeb
  • Craig Grant – @RETechGuru
  • Ines Hegedus-Garcia – @ines
  • Tim Kinzler – @timkinzler
  • Debbie Kirkland – @debbie_kirkland / @FloridaSunSales (Dakno Real Estate Marketing Client)
  • Carlos Melendez – @RealEstatePro
  • Joe Sullivan – @CRTweet
  • Melanie Wyne – @nartech

If you are attending the #TechEdge event, what are (were) your “ah-ha” moments? We would love to hear your comments!

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Tweeted Traffic Alerts You Shouldn’t Be Reading When Driving!!

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Is it just me or is it a bit ironic that the very people who would benefit most from a “tweeted traffic alert” are the very ones who shouldn’t be reading tweets and driving at the same time? Now add even more irony given those organizations who are disseminating those tweets. Yes, local governmental authorities are now tweeting traffic alerts! Many states outlaw texting/tweeting and driving and many of those states now tweet traffic alerts to who… drivers. Checkout the tweet below:

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10 Peeps Real Estate Agents Should Follow on Twitter!

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I was actually asked a question in the form of a Tweet by Vancouver, WA Mortgage Broker Ed Bisquera. (see image to the right)Ed's Tweet

Rather than offer your usual list of suspects, my advice on who Twitter newbies should follow is more geared to what “groups” of people newbies should consider following. It’s about having a conversation with your audience. First know who your audience is.

This Isn’t Another “Follow These People” Type of List

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